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SQUARE-LINE is an LED Strip Mounting profile specifically designed to house LED Flexible Strip Lights. SQUARE-LINE is made from high quality anodized aluminium which is ideal for surface mount applications. SQUARE-LINE LED profile used with the frosted diffuser is the perfect choice if you require a totally continuous line of light without any LEDS being visible. It has no imperfections when looking directly into the light source. This mounting profile is available in 2 Metre or 2.5 Metre lengths. Clear or frosted covers are available which simply snap into place . SQUARE-LINE LED mounting profile is an excellent choice for surface mounted applications and can be used to replace ugly and bulky fluorescent fittings. Ideal for use with our POWER FLEX LED STRIP, also compatible with any strip up to 16mm in width. The uses for this LED Strip Mounting Profile are limited only by your imagination.

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