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Are you looking for the best driver to regulate electric power to your LEDs? At World of Thought, we offer an extended selection of LED drivers for various types of usage. As the driver helps maintain a steady flow of power to your LEDs, it prevents your LED’s temperature from becoming too hot, which can shorten its life. Our wide selection of drivers feature different models and wattages for lighting projects of all sizes.

Our 12V Dimmable drivers are ideal for versatile lighting displays. They can help transform a brightly lit energetic meeting room into a dimly lit, cozy and comfortable space scene. The dimmable LED drivers are available in 25 and 10 wattages.

Our LED driver stock also includes the 12VDC and 24VDC drivers. The 12VDC driver comes in a compact design, is energy efficient, and is assembled using a high quality material that protects it from overheating. This product comes in 3 different wattages: 100 WATT, 150 WATT, and 35 WATT. In addition to the 12 VDC driver, our standard 24VDC drivers are also available for lighting projects which require higher voltage. Just like the 12VDC, they come in white compact plastic cases. This driver series consists of 4 different wattages: 35 WATT, 60 WATT, 90 WATT, and 180 WATT.