World of Thought

LED Modules

World of Thought offers high quality LED modules for every aspect of your lighting installation, whether it is for interior or exterior, residential or commercial. LED modules provide an eco-friendly solution for your lighting system as they produce the same amount of light, but with less power.

Ideal for signage, channel lettering, cove lighting, or any creative lighting presentation, our LED modules come in various models and are available in a wide range of colours that include red, blue, green, warm white, and cool white colours. Our selection includes 4 LED Modules, 3 LED Modules, 2 LED Modules, and 3 LED RGB Modules. As all modules are waterproof, you can be confident they’ll operate effectively in an outdoor space.

For a vibrant lighting display, our 3 LED RGB Modules are a perfect solution. With the ability to produce light in more than a million shades of colour, this module will make your lighting display even more memorable. Easy to install and made from high quality materials, the 3 LED RGB is a great choice for both residential and professional work.

All module products from World of Thought consume minimal power and save energy. The high quality materials we use also guarantee durability and a long product life.