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Nicolaudie Advanced DMX Controllers

DMX Light controller

Our assortment of DMX switches range from simple dimmers to more complicated and advanced systems used to control multiple lighting aspects, including but not limited to colour.

SLESA U9 is Nicolaudie DMX decoder and can be used as a standalone controller or for live control when connected with a computer through a USB. When the SLESA- U9 is used as a stand alone device, it has a 256 DMX512 channels universe. When used as a live control, it has 512. The SLESA-U9 consists of 3 easy to use buttons, 2 to change to the previous or next scene, and the third button is used to change the dimmer.

STICK-KE1 is the perfect Nicolaudie DMX switch for your interior lighting control expectations. The STICK KE1 is a fully stand alone DMX controller with 1024 DMX channels. Other features include a touch sensitive panel, clock/calendar, remote control, and Ethernet facilities. The DMX switch can be used to control lighting levels, colour, and effects; all of which can be easily programmed on a computer. To add even more convenience to the product, the STICK- KE1 can be easily installed in three easy steps that can be found on the data sheet located on the product page. The STICK KE1 is able to control up to 5 areas, allowing you to easily split up a room or building and play up to 5 scenes simultaneously.

The STICK GA 2 DMX controlled relay switch is a beautiful stand-alone controller with a glass face. It has an intuitive interface with 4 simple touch sensitive buttons, consisting of on/off, mode, previous, and next. The STICK GA2 is computer programmable and is able to able to play up to 99 scenes all of which can be easily modified through pressing the mode button. It comes ready to use with 8 preloaded scenes and up to 170 RGB fixtures. Other than the intuitive nature, the STICK GA2 is also easily installed in just three simple steps found on the corresponding data sheet.

The STICK GU2 has 128 DMX channels and three easy to use buttons (on/of/mode, previous, and next) allowing you to easily switch between scenes, of which 8 are preloaded. The STICK GU2 is customised for OEM and is wall mountable. In being below 9cm squared, this DMX switch is easily installed anywhere.

STICK DE3 is a feature rich Nicolaudie stick. The various functions allow it to be the perfect control solution for even more demanding lighting projects. Due to the simple touch sensitive control button, and its ability to be controlled and programmed from a PC, Mac, Android, iPad, or iPhone using the included software, the STICK DE3 is extremely easy to use. A complete list of key features can be found on its datasheet.

The STICK-CU4 is the latest 512 channels Nicolaudie DMX highlighting controller. The controller can easily programme up to 36 scenes that can be stored on the controller, with a computer. All the scenes can be intuitively recalled using the 6 touch controlled buttons.

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